ABOUT USExperience and trust ahead

Our bets and challenges

Find land that is well located throughout our country, in order to meet the demands of our potential customers.

Properly design the plan of the dwellings and ensure the execution of the projects in the shortest possible time.

Establish reliable contracts with our customers and overcome all legal obstacles in order to deliver the land titles to future owners.

Take into account the technical rules that must be respected during all stages of the execution of the apartments.

Innovation and comfort

From design to completion, we want to construct buildings with everything that makes living peaceful.The very modern residence, fully equipped that makes the apartment very functional.

Cooperate with our partners (Architects - design offices - general contractors - banking establishments) in order to save time, to overcome all technical or legal problems.

Respect the environment : The apartment is not a dormitory, so we work to provide the buildings with green spaces and panoramic views to make home peaceful and relaxing.We guarantee our commitments and do our best to live up to your expectations and your choices.

Our values

Always listening to our customers, carrying out their future projects as soon as possible, choosing the projects best suited to them, putting our long experience at their disposal.

Maintain mutual trust with our customers and partners.

Overcome all the difficulties that can delay the completion of the projects. Our good relations with all the authorities always allow us to progress safely and usually.

Such are our challenges, such is our self-confidence.

Our Experience & Measures

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El Ikama is a real estate development company created in 1985.

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